Youth Theater of Vietnam to perform special plays for kids every Saturday night

The Youth Theater of Vietnam said that actors and actresses will perform special plays for children every Saturday night to welcome the approaching summer of 2022.
Youth Theater of Vietnam to perform special plays for kids every Saturday night ảnh 1 Actresses are performing a play
Giving special favor to the young audience, the shows at the Youth Theater have also been designed and staged appropriately to maximize interactivity and practical experience, and to promote excitement. , optimism, joy, and dreams of children. This is also a special opportunity to further enhance the love and family bonding between parents and children, between children and friends, teachers, and social relationships that have been interrupted after stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus epidemic.
A special art project called ‘Mua he yeu thuong’ (Summer of Love) aims to bring joy to children after studying online, away from friends and teachers. Accordingly, the unique plays, which are selected and freshly staged by devoted theater artists, are an opportunity to connect the sharing and mutual understanding of each member of a family.
Summer of Love’ will introduce three works including the Musical ‘Swan Birds’, the play ‘Virus War’, and the play ‘Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch’. The musical Swans was staged with impressive music and choreography, diverse in art forms, and shimmering colors, cleverly incorporating many funny and humorous details to bring out the laugh to small audiences with meaningful messages.
The Virus War is about the struggle of animals with dangerous viruses. With the solidarity of the animals in the forest and the intelligence of Doctor Bear, harmful viruses are chased out of the jungle, and peace returns to all species. The play with a shimmering and brilliant stage space, humorous and funny details, and meaningful messages, imbued with humanity and education, helps to raise awareness of health care and personal hygiene, friendship, solidarity, and courage of the children. The play is for preschoolers and elementary schoolers.
‘Vaxilixa and the Wicked Witch’ is adapted from the fairy tale "Two Maples" by writer Eugene Schwartz - a leading Contemporary American Art collector - about the journey of a mother in search of two playful children lost in the jungle. The mother unites her wild animal friends to work hard to fight against the evil witch, and finally, win with great love for her children. The play with an impressive stage space and lively music will gradually bring children into the emotional world through an exciting journey with lovely characters in the forest.

By Mai An – Translated by Anh Quan

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