Reading Culture Ambassador Contest launched to nurture reading culture

For years, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has been launching the Reading Culture Ambassador Contest, aiming to spread reading movement aims to bring books to people especially student as well as promote cultural values.

Reading Culture Ambassadors Contest has reached initial achievements when receiving advocacy from localities, departments, and students.

Reading Culture Ambassador Contest launched to nurture reading culture ảnh 1 Reading Culture Ambassador Contest is launched to nurture reading culture  
In 2021, the Ministry continued to launch the Reading Culture Ambassador Contest as it wishes to seek “reading ambassadors” , book lovers and to inspire the community. However, it is not simple to make reading movement to develop and sustain a reading culture in our society as well as become a good habit.
Sharing about this issue, the Editorial Director of Phu Nu Publishing House Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong said that presently, people take more heed of reading books but they don’t really go into the essence of the matter. Each person must consider reading book as having daily meals. reading habits should be inculcated in children at an early age. Parents and children can spend time every night reading a book at home and teachers also instruct them to read good ones at schools. It takes a long time to acquire the habit of reading, said the Editorial Director Hoa Phuong.
For years, the average number of books a Vietnamese reads a year is much lower than that in other countries in the world though many books have been published. The culprit of this is that many schools do not have reading sessions and reading is just an extracurricular activity. Worse, university students are lazy at reading books and research materials gradually losing interest in reading.
Additionally, parents don’t really pay much attention to encouraging their children’s to read book by purchasing books. Instead, they choose an easier way by letting their children use smartphones and tablets. Cultivation of book reading habit is not merely a slogan but it takes a lot of persistent efforts to improve awareness of families and the society.
In related news, the Library Department this month issued documents about administrative formalities of private library establishment to satisfy the community’s demand in a bid to promote reading culture. Currently, as some local authorities do not fully comprehend administrative formalities; as a result, they created barriers for the establishment and operation of private libraries and public libraries.
Encouraging measures are needed for the development of private libraries which will also positively contribute to promotion of reading culture.

By Mai An - Translated by Dan Thuy

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