Google Doodle honors Vietnamese ceremonial singing ‘ca tru’

The Google Doodle honored ca tru (ceremonial singing) on February 23rd to mark the anniversary of Vietnamese traditional musical genre.

Google Doodle honors Vietnamese ceremonial singing ‘ca tru’

An image of artists performing ca tru (ceremonial singing), including a female vocalist and two men playing musical instruments, was featured on the Google's homepage.
Ca Tru, known as “hat a dao” or “hat noi”, originally appeared in the early 11th century and developed in the 15th century. Ca tru singing is originated from folk music and traditional performances and dances. The folk art was known throughout the world by the voice of the artisan Quach Thi Ho (1909 - 2001). CaTru singing has currently reached a high aesthetic level after it has gone through a series of historical vicissitudes. Ca tru is highly appreciated for its art value in the Vietnamese culture. It has also been listed among 12 “intangible global cultural heritage traditions in danger of disappearing” by UNESCO in 2009.

By Gia Binh – Translated by Kim Khanh

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