First Institute of Vietnamese costumes established

The opening ceremony of Institute of Vietnamese Costumes was held at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum with the attendance of many cultural experts, lecturers, businesspeople, and popular artists.

First Institute of Vietnamese costumes established

The institute set up by designer Sy Hoang has officially launched with a mission to honor and preserve the beauty of Vietnamese clothing. Professor Nguyen Khac Thuan was selected as head of the institute.
The institute will also work with other cultural institutes and universities with fashion faculties and invite their students to intern and do research at the institute.
Having designed Ao dai Vietnam for over 30 years and his efforts to promote Vietnam’s tourism, designer Sy Hoang hoped that the institute will contribute to cultural preservation and development of traditional values through activities including compiling, translating and collecting in-depth documents on Vietnamese costumes and ethnic minorities, and restoring and developing innovative outfits based on traditional values that are suited to modern life.
On the occasion, the institute also introduced Ao dai Lemur of Doctor Pham Thao Nguyen who is living in the US.

By KHAC THI – Translated by DAN THUY

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