Fierce competition amongst sellers of digital entertainment platforms

During social distancing time, sellers of digital entertainment platforms have relentlessly updated new content to attract audiences. There has been a fierce competition in the industry.

Fierce competition amongst sellers of digital entertainment platforms

In the middle of May, the American streaming service Netflix and Skyline Media announced to collaborate for the expansion of Vietnamese content library in the biggest digital entertainment platform.
The California-based company offers subscription-based streaming service which allows subscribers to stream from a massive library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house.
 13 good films will be shown from May 8 to June 19 in Vietnam.
Raphael Phang, Content Acquisition Manager for Southeast Asia at Netflix, said that the company will continue to make commitment to expand its content library. These 13 films reflect variety of Vietnam’s films.
Also in the middle of May, along with name change from Fim+ into Galaxy Play, the seller of the digital platform also introduced series of horrible films including Thien linh cai : Chuyen chua ke ( Skull: Not yet told ).
Before, Galaxy Play also drew audiences’ attention with different highest-grossing Vietnamese film including hundreds-of-billion-Vietnam dong films Mat biec (Blue eyes), the rom-com Cua lai vo bau (Win Back My Pregnant Wife) . According to the seller, its platform has over 5, 000 Hollywood and Asian blockbusters and more than 8,000 hours for selected films and 500 hours for children films.
The competition has been more stronger when Danet introduced Onward, a 2020 American computer-animated urban fantasy-adventure film after receiving approval of the Walt Disney Pictures at the end of April.
At the end of May, Vietnamese director Phan Dang Di’s film Cha va con va (Big father, Small father and Other stories) will be officially screened to Vietnamese audience after being released in countries in five years. At the same time, POPS platform will release series of new films.
CEO Galaxy Play Phan Do Tri Dung said autonomous films have been released in many digital platforms to attract audiences. In the past, Danet used to produce Hau due Mat troi (Descendants of the Sun ) and Glee in Vietnamese version. Lately, POPS has introduced two autonomous series of films comprising Phuong Khau (The Queen’s Robe Button Engraved with an Image of a Phoenix) and Thang nam du doi.
This move has proved that digital entertainment platform sellers are fully aware of improving quality and keeping audiences.
Director of Skyline Media Trinh Le Minh Hang believed that when Vietnamese films are put in the library with world blockbusters and listed as ten tops in Netflix, it will be driving force for the quality improvement of Vietnamese films.
Moreover, it will be impetus for world cooperation in distributing and releasing Vietnamese film in Netflix and in other digital entertainment platforms soon.

By Van Tuan - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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