Exhibition of contemporary Korean lacquer artworks held in Hanoi

An exhibition of lacquer paintings by 15 South Korean contemporary artists is being held at VICAS Art Studio in Hanoi. The display will run until June 23.

Exhibition of contemporary Korean lacquer artworks held in Hanoi

The event titled Korean Ottchil Art 2019 presents to viewers 47 lacquer paintings featuring a new genre of ottchil in terms of materials, techniques, the production process and craftsmanship of traditional Korean mother-of-pearl inlaid Lacquer wares.
It also gives art exchanges between South Korean and Vietnamese lacquer artists as well as offer a more profound understanding of ottchil art, and insights on the approaches and methods that generations of artists in Korea have been preserving and making adjustments to their traditional lacquer wares and create contemporary ottchil artworks.
Lacquering is the use of lacquer resin, locally known as ottchil, as a coating material for woodcrafts. This technique has been used in Korea for thousands of years.
Ottchil, or lacquer resin, is thick and brownish in nature. However, when refined and applied on woodcraft, it becomes shiny and translucent.
The month-long event started on May 23, is organized by Ottchil Art Museum in Tongyeong, South Korea and VICAS Art Studio.
The Ottchil Art Museum in Tongyeong is a private museum specializing in Korean lacquer artworks. It has organized many exhibition events, workshops and seminars around the world.

By Kim Khanh

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