City orchestra to perform an opera based on famous children's book

The Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra (HBSO) will present to music lovers a contemporary dance and music performance titled De Men phieu luu ky (Adventures of a cricket) at the city’s Opera House on July 9.

City orchestra to perform an opera based on famous children's book

The musical based on the story of the same name by famous writer To Hoai is one of the biggest art projects of the HBSO this year. The opera was planned for many years by composer Viet Anh.
The cricket’s colorful adventure featuring cultural characteristics of specific East Asian cultures is expected to bring a special opera with cultural values to audiences.
De Men Phieu Luu Ky is one of the most well-known Vietnamese children book by late writer To Hoai. The book is about the adventures of a cricket that leaves his nest to travel and discover the world. He learns new things and experiences with the help of many insects and animals. Written in 1941, the book has been translated into 37 languages, including English, French, Thai and Russian.
The play which is performed in the first part of the concert will see the participation of director Pham Hoang Nam, choreographer John Huy Tran, tenor Dao Mac, conductor Tran Nhat Minh and artists of the HBSO.
There will be an introduction of works by musicians Michael Williams and Norman Ludwin.
Meanwhile the second part of the program is “Café Saigon”, HBSO’s latest creation in contemporary dance. The 75-minute performance tells a story of a coffee house in Saigon in the middle of the 20th century. The pre-recorded music is evocative of the era of 70 years ago. There are German cabaret-like songs, including “Bella, Bella Marie”, some highly attractive accordion music from Fabian Beghin and Didier Laloy, and some energetic “bopping” music.
"Café Saigon” is a creation of two Dutch choreographers, Joost Vrourenraets and Maite Guerin, in cooperation with nine Vietnamese dancers from the HBSO ballet, including Tran Hoang Yen, Nguyen Thu Trang, Ha Khanh Vy, Do Hoang Khang NInh, Ha On Kim Tuyen, Phan Thai Binh, Sung A Lung, Dang Minh Hien and Nguyen Minh Tam.

By Kim Khanh

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