Vietnam sells Japonica rice at $700 per ton

At present, Vietnam is selling Japonica rice at $700 - $800 per ton, approximately $200 higher than normal rice. The rice is grown most in the Mekong delta province of An Giang

An Giang province always sells the rice to Japan’s market, according to the Vietnam Food Association (VFA)
The association said the dried grain rice fetch VND6,400 - VND6,500 a kilogram and long grain rice at VND6,750 – VND6,850 per kilogram, up VND200 - VND 250 a kilogram compared to the month before.
Currently, prices of 5-percent broken rice and 25-percent broken rice are standing at VND8,200 - VND8,300 a kilogram and VND8,000- VND8,100 per kilogram in different localities.
Traders deposited VND118,000 to buy 20 kilogram or 22 kilogram ( varying in different localities ) or nearly VND6,000 a kilogram. The price is VND15,000 for 20 kilogram ( or 22 kilogram) compared to in early winter- spring crop , said farmers Tran Van Het in Vinh Long province’s Tam Binh District.
Vietnam has won bids to sell rice to many countries. For instance, in early June, Vietnam sold 2.6 million tons of rice netting $1.45 billion, up 54 percent in the volume and value compared to same period last year. Noticeably, the rate of Vietnamese deluxe and fragrant rice is higher gradually.
Vietnam has also won a bid of 5,000 tons of Japonica rice to South Korea, marking a happy sign because South Korea is difficult market.

By CAO PHONG – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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