Taiwan’s tea chain Ten Ren's exits from Vietnam

Taiwan’s tea chain Ten Ren bubble tea stopped its business in Vietnam yesterday and withdrew from the S-shaped country after nearly two years of operation in the local market, said a representative of the Coffee House, the exclusive franchisee of the Ten Ren's Tea brand in Vietnam

Taiwan’s tea chain Ten Ren's exits from Vietnam

The Coffee House decided to close all Ten Ren's Tea stores in Vietnam because it realized that the franchise’s business model has not met local customers’ demands and outcomes of the Ten Ren's Tea business have not been up to expectations, it has no choice but cease operations of this franchise and work out more effective strategy for the market.
The representative added that it will ensure the right of customers who join Ten Ren Vietnam’s app-based membership program by sending a detailed plan to each customer and updates in its fanpage after closure of the chain.
Moreover, all current Ten Ren's Tea employees and partners will be facilitated to transfer and emerge into The Coffee House system, as per The Coffee House’s announcement.


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