Petrol prices sharply drop

Motorists can enjoy petrol price relief as the Inter -Ministries of Finance and Industry and Trade's announcement that petrol prices dropped at 3pm on November 21.

Petrol prices sharply drop

As a result, the prices of E5 RON 92 and RON95-III fell by VND 973 and VND 1,093 respectively. Retail prices of E5 RON 92 and RON 95 are sold at no more than VND 18,627 and VND 19,972 per liter.
Meanwhile the prices of diesel and kerosene decreased by VND 907 and VND 844 per liter. Their current ceiling prices are VND 17.637 and VND 16,242 per liter. The price of mazut also dropped by VND 173 to a maximum of VND 15,186 per liter.
The two ministries also decided to keep the use of the price stabilization fund for E5 RON92 petrol, mazut and kerosene. Subsidies for RON 95 were at VND 950 per liter, while diesel was VND 500 per liter.

By HA MY - Translated by Kim Khanh

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