Petrol prices remaining stable

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance in the fuel price control meeting yesterday requested that fuel businesses keep petrol prices unchanged while allowing them to adjust prices of certain kinds of oil.

Petrol prices remain unchanged

Petrol prices remain unchanged

Accordingly, the petrol prices of E5 RON92 and RON95-III are still no more than VND19,611 ($0.85) per liter and VND21,177 ($0.92) per liter respectively.

Meanwhile, the price of Diesel oil 0.05S decreases by VND5 ($0.00022) per liter to the maximum of VND17,455 ($0.77) per liter.

In contrast, the prices of kerosene and mazut oil increase by VND189 (0.0082) per liter and VND319 ($0.014) per kg to the maximum of VND16,243 ($0.71) per liter and VND14,756 (0.64) per kg correspondingly.

The two ministries also demanded fuel businesses to change the allocation from the Fuel Price Stability Fund.

The subsidies for the petrol E5 RON92 and RON95 will be VND922 ($0.04) and VND161 ($0.007) per liter in that order instead of the old allocation of VND870 ($0.04) and VND198 ($0.009) per liter .

The subsidy for mazut oil remains the same at VND186 ($0.008) per kg.

They were given 15 hours to prepare for this change.

By NGOC QUANG – Translated by Thanh Tam

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