Peak turnover of printing enterprises hits VND 1,600 bln per year

According to statistics of the Vietnam Printing Association (VPA), Ho Chi Minh City is currently the largest printing center of Vietnam with approximately 1,000 businesses, accounting for about 60 percent of sales and printed paper output of the industry.

Peak turnover of printing enterprises hits VND 1,600 bln per year

In particular, the fields of printing labels and packaging are the strength of Ho Chi Minh City with dozens of large companies posting the sales turnover from VND200 to VND1,600 billion per year. In addition, the city has more than 500 private firms with low output. The competition between domestic and FDI enterprises companies is also very high in this segment.

It is notable that many types of luxury packaging provided for famous cosmetic corporations in the world such as P&G, Unilever, etc are being strongly acquired by FDI companies. Specifically, in recent years, FDI enterprises in the field of supporting industries, including the printing industry have tended to follow large companies investing in Vietnam to meet the supply chain. 

Amid the above situation, the Ho Chi Minh City Printing Association recommended that the domestic enterprises need to have a new perspective, especially focus on new technology investment, complete and deploy technology effectively and appropriately in order to save costs and energy and protect the environment. 

In case of continuing to use old technologies with low and unqualified productivity, the high-end printing market in Vietnam is absolutely an opportunity for FDI enterprises.

In addition, the printing businesses need to further strengthen their image and brand promotion on the world market, learn about the international rules thoroughly, gradually put the standard settings into production, development and product research. Besides that, their standardized production processes and efforts are assessed to meet the standards of reputable international certification organizations.

BY LAC PHONG – Translated by Huyen Huong

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