Ornamental flower market becoming bustling


In many provinces all over the country, local ornamental flower markets have turned out more bustling with several large orders for different kinds of exotic flowers. With such a price increase lately, the future seems quite bright to flower farmers and sellers.

Ornamental flower market becoming bustling ảnh 1 Gladiolus in Lam Dong Province enjoy a good price this year thanks to high market demands. (Photo: SGGP)

Many flower farms in around Da Lat City exuberantly processing ornamental flower orders for the upcoming Tet Holiday, which is only a few days to go.

At present, daisy is priced at VND38,000-45,000 (US$1.7-2) a bunch of ten; gladiolus at VND50,000 ($2.2) a bunch of ten; carnation at VND100,000 ($4.4) a bunch of twenty; lisianthus at VND140,000 ($6.2) per kilo; statice at VND85,000 ($3.8) per kilo; Gerbera at VND100,000 ($4.4) a bunch of twenty; and lilies at VND180,000-220,000 ($8-9.7) a bunch of five.

To process orders on time, many farms in Lam Dong Province have to through the night. Since the surface area of flower farms decreases this year yet the market demands do not, a price increase has been forecast, which is quite good news to farmers.

To make it easier for sellers and buyers, shipping companies have updated their fixed transport rates very early, ranging from VND350,000-500,000 ($15.5-22) per package.

A similar happy situation can be seen in the Mekong Delta. In Sa Dec Flower Village (sited in Sa Dec City of Dong Thap Province), various new exotic long-lasting colorful flowers are introduced this year, including red, yellow, or orange Jungle geranium, river bushwillow.

According to farmer Huynh Minh Tuan in Tan Quy Dong Ward of Sa Dec City, a pair of Jungle geranium pots are normally priced at VND350,000 ($15.5). Certain large pots are even sold at VND1 million ($44). He informed that 80 percent of his flowers have been packed for wholesale.

Near Tuan’s farm is the flower farm of Nguyen Van Ut, who specializes in hydrangea. Normally grown in cold areas, now this flower is modified to suit a more tropical climate, and is always in the favorite list of young people in the Southern region. This year, he has sold 10,000 pots already, with the price of VND45,000-130,000 each ($2-5.7).

Also because of a reduction of farm surface area, the flower crops this year can barely answer the needs of the market, leading to rather high prices.

Another famous flower village in the Mekong Delta is sited in Cho Lach District of Ben Tre Province. Most farmers reported that they have already sold 70 percent of their produce to wholesalers. Specializing in shaped ornamental plants, farmers in this district can sell a pair of tiger-shaped plants at the price of VND5-6 million ($220-265).

Moving to the capital of Ochna integerrima (yellow Mai flower) in the Central region of Vietnam – Nhon An Village in Binh Dinh Province, it is easy to see the bustling activities of wholesalers in local markets. Reports reveal that each household in this village can earn over VND266 million ($11,745) this Tet Holiday. The price of each flower pot here ranges from VND500,000-2.5 million ($22-110) thanks to the especially favorable weather conditions this year.

Ornamental flower market becoming bustling ảnh 2 The spring ornamental flower market in Da Nang City is gloomy this year. (Photo: SGGP)

Sadly, in certain places of Vietnam, the situation is not as bright. The flower market in Da Nang City is rather quiet, with only a few people coming to buy small ornamental flowers or ornamental mandarin orange trees. Even with sale-offs from VND1.5 million ($66) of the previous years to only a few hundred thousand of VND this year, not many customers seem interested.

Similarly, in Thua Thien – Hue Province, farmers only grow low-value common flowers like daisy or gerbera. However, it is now the 23rd of the 12th lunar month already, yet not many wholesalers make orders. The local authorities are trying their best to connect to wholesalers and retailers all over the region to help farmers, along with encouraging policies like warehouse fee exemption or reduction.

By staff writers – Translated by Huong Vuong

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