Green-skinned pomelos become attractive, increasing prices in Mekong Delta

Mr. Dam Van Hung, the owner of Huong Mien Tay fruit trading facility in Mo Cay Bac District in Ben Tre Province - the current largest green-skinned pomelo collector and export facility in the Mekong Delta, on October 20 said that after declining for a short time, the prices of green-skinned pomelos in the Mekong Delta has recently increased sharply.
Currently, first-grade green-peeled pomelos were bought at VND40,000-VND49,000 per kilogram, an increase of VND10,000-VND14,000 per kilogram compared to the same period last year.

‘Green-skinned pomelos become attractive and increase prices because consumption in the domestic market is strong, and the export to the Chinese market is warming up. Meanwhile, in many provinces, such as Ben Tre, Soc Trang, and Vinh Long, farmers no longer have pomelos for sale. Due to the impacts of prolonged saltwater intrusion and drought, many households had to remove young pomelos to prevent their trees from dying,’ said Mr. Dam Van Hung.

Earlier, Huong Mien Tay fruit trading facility supplied the domestic market and exported tens of tons of green-skinned pomelos of all kinds daily. Now, it takes about two days or more to collect 10-15 tons of pomelos for sale. It is forecast that the shortage of green-skinned pomelos will last for more than one month.

In Soc Trang Province, Mr. Dang Van Nam, Director of Ke Thanh Nam Roi and Green-skinned Pomelos Cooperative in Ke Sach District, confided that the current prices of green-skinned pomelos would help farmers to earn high profits, but the number of households who still have pomelos for sale was not many now. The crucial goal is to focus on taking good care of pomelo orchards to supply for the upcoming Lunar New Year market.

By Huynh Loi – Translated by Bao Nghi

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