Vietnamese mobile network providers ready to deploy eSIM

The new generation of SIM card called eSIM (embedded SIM or Integrated Circuit Card) is a breakthrough in the mobile technology. Most giant mobile network providers in Vietnam like Viettel or VinaPhone are rushing to complete their preparation for this while MobiFone is ready for the piloting time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

Current SIM cards are gradually outdated, and eSIM is the best alternative at the moment

Current SIM cards are gradually outdated, and eSIM is the best alternative at the moment

eSIM has the size of 5x5mm, smaller than a Nano SIM, and is welded directly onto the mainboard of a mobile device by a manufacturer. Despite its small size, it still ensures all possible features of a current mobile SIM. 


At the moment, only 14 mobile network providers in 10 countries support this new generation SIM. In Vietnam, leading providers promised to introduce this technology in the future. 


This new generation SIM card can work with various kinds of newly released data terminal equipment at the moment, some of which still have a physical slot to insert current generations of SIM cards.


eSIM is supposed to save manufacturing cost as it eliminate the need for a physical SIM card slot. In addition, it allows users to better experience services since they can easily switch between providers or mobile packages. This is especially useful and welcoming in large cities, where Internet of Things and smart communication are popular.


Recently, an advertisement of Viettel has informed that Viettel subscribers can activate the eSIM function on new XR iPhones in a few simple steps. 


Accordingly, users will receive a QR code from Viettel and scan it via their mobile phone. After that, the phone will automatically download necessary configurations for the activation. From this point on, these users are able to answer or make a phone call, send SMS, and access the Internet as usual.


Unfortunately, the official time to apply this procedure is yet to be known.


After Viettel, VinaPhone announced its plan to implement the new technology in the near future as it has already finished its research and piloting time. It has worked closely with Apple to devise the best solution to apply this new technology for its subscribers in Vietnam.


MobiFone stated that it will hold a piloting period for eSIM in Hanoi and HCMC as soon as possible.


One concerning issue when implementing eSIM is the data terminal equipment. All three giant mobile network providers in Vietnam has already considered the solution to financially support buyers of iPhone possessing eSIM feature.

By BA TAN – Translated by Thanh Tam

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