Vegetable farmers profit of $13,171 per hectare: Plant Protection head

Following articles released to social media that farmers in the northern and central regions throw away vegetables because vegetable prices plunge drastically, in his yesterday report, head of the Department of Plant Protection Nguyen Hong Son wrote vegetable farmers earned a profit of VND300 million($13,171) per hectare

Vegetable farmers profit of $13,171 per hectare: Plant Protection head

Before, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development sent its document to the Department of Plantation, the Department of Plant Protection and the Department of Agro Processing and Market Development to investigate the situation and to have support farmers. Reports must be sent to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development no later than March 19, 2018.
Mr. Son wrote through checking the news , just turnip farmers in Trang Viet Commune in Hanoi’s Melinh District and kohlrabi farmers in the northern province of Hai Duong did not harvest their products.
Ninety hectare in Trang Viet planted turnip. This year, farmers have harvested three crops of the veggie to earn high profit. The fourth crop has been sold out while the unharvested veggie in 10 hectare will be bought by traders as per contracts which had been signed before.
Price of turnip is VND850 million per hectare. The remaining veggie has not been sold as per contract because they will be sold to local kitchens of industrial parks.
However, after Tet holiday ( the Lunar New Year) many traders wanted to spin out the harvest time with the hope that price will go up. However, weather became warmer; therefore, turnip blossomed and its quality reduced. Many traders did not return to buy it; farmers had no choice but eradicated the veggie to grow another vegetables.
While in Hai Duong province, farmers have earned around VND250 million – VND300 million a hectare for three crops at the price of VND190 million a hectare per crop. They have grown three crops.
The veggie which thrown away was planted in the Spring crop because it was harvested in the same time with the last Spring crop. Flood of the veggie in the market resulted in low price.
Before Tet holiday ( the Lunar New Year) the veggie fetched VND1,500 a kohlrabi but after, it slipped to VND1,000 and VND500 a kohlrabi from March 10. Because of quite low price, farmers spun out harvest time to wait for higher price and the veggie’s quality is poor.
At present, the veggie is still harvested. From March 15, kohlrabi and cabbage price escalated. Kohlrabi is sold at VND1,000-1,200 each while cabbage is priced at VND2,500-VND3,000 per kilogram. Farmers have profit at the price
Mr. Son forecast that veggie price will go up in the next time because inadequate supply.
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By VAN PHUC – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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