Substandard products removed from Ministry’s list

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has removed unsafe and substandard pesticide, veterinary medicine, fertilizer from its list.

Substandard products removed from Ministry’s list

1,774 pesticide products; 1,052 veterinary medicine and 3,621 fertilizers were banned in Vietnam as per the Ministry’s decision.
Additionally, the Ministry said that there has been progress in linkage between farmers and enterprises in consumption and supply chains of safe agricultural produce. There has been 1,249 supply chains with 1,450 safe products and 3,181 places to sell safe products in 63 cities and provinces.
Enterprises such as Vingroup, Dabaco, Hung Nhon, Sanha, Ba Huan poured its investment in cooperatives and household farms to provide high qualified agricultural products on a large scale. Vietnam Cooperative Alliance also set up supermarket chains connecting with over 100 agricultural cooperatives to form supply chains of safe farm produce.
There have been accredited-VietGAP 1,845 cultivation facilities on the land of more than 80,000 hectare, 500 aquatic farms on 2,618 hectare, 313 family farms and 2,502 breeding farms.

BY DANG LAM - Translated by DAN THUY

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