Fishermen avoiding typhoon Megi on Paracel islands signal SOS

Nine fishermen who were released by China after their attention in Vietnamese water area are avoiding super typhoon Megi on the Hoang Sa (Paracel) Islands and signaled SOS on Oct. 21 as their vessel was damaged by the typhoon. 

Da Nang Coastal Radio said that the fishermen could not repair their vessel and could only contact home via Chinese satellite wave.

Deputy Chairman of Quang Ngai People’s Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had required China to provide foods, medicine to the fishermen.

The committee has supposed three plans to bring the fishermen come home. Firstly, it will use helicopters to rescue them. Secondly, The Vietnamese Navy will use navy ships to touch the fishermen. Thirdly, Vietnam may ask China to lead their vessel to Vietnamese shore.

As the super typhoon Megi is directly affecting the Paracel Islands, the rescuing activities definitely is difficult.

The Navy said that they should wait for a few days until the typhoon weakens.

By Hai Minh-Translated by Hai Dang

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