Efforts made to minimize oil spill threat in Quy Nhon

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha yesterday liaised with authorities in the central province of Binh Dinh on discussions how to salvage sunken freighter and handle oil spills from sunk freighters in storm Damrey.

Efforts made to minimize oil spill threat in Quy Nhon

The Binh Dinh authorities are responsible for treating oil spill and the government will give support to minimize the incident in case that oil spilsl over the sea.
Chairman of Binh Dinh People’s Committee Ho Quoc Dung reported the storm damage and the incident in Quy Nhon Beach saying that the province has not had any such incident like that before.
Accordingly, he petitioned the Ministry to adopt measures for the salvage of sunk ships especially for treating oil spills because it is beyond the province’s capacity.
Major General Le Manh Tien, Deputy Chief of Office of the National Committee for Search and Rescue, said that for oil spill response and clean up, ship owners have to use pump to clean up the affected sea area. Minister Ha approved all measures to treat the incident.
He said salvage crews have to pump oil from big ship with a large number of oil before carrying out the salvage to prevent environmental disaster. It also uses a small amount of chemicals to neutralize seawater for safety. Ship owners must sign contract with the center to handle oil spillage.
According to ship owners, sunken ship FEI YUE 9 carried eight tons of fuel oil (FO) and 23 tons of diesel oil (DO) , another ship carried 10.000 tons of D.O and 3,332 tons of Cliker while Nam Khanh boat 26 carried 2, 283 tons of Cliker and 20, 000 liter of DO; Ha Trung 98 boat with 2,897 tons of rice and 5,000 tons of DO; Hoa Mai boat 68 with 3,095 tons of apatite and 20,000 liters of DO and other freighters carried 8,000 liters of DO posing a threat of a massive oil spill.

By NGOC OAI – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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