Building charity houses in rural districts fails to meet goal

The Ministry of Construction blamed weakened support for failing to meet the goal of building houses for low-income in countryside.

Building charity houses in rural districts fails to meet goal

As per the Ministry, the support of VND25 million ($1,100) for each household is not enough to build a house whereas many poor households can not contribute or pay debt; accordingly, they are eligible for asking a loan from banks.
The Ministry yesterday said that in 2017, the program to build charity houses was implemented in some localities; however, the program just achieved 18 percent of the goal in disadvantaged districts.
Similarly, the program to build houses for poor households in flood-hit districts achieved 52 percent of the goal because localities did not mobilized the remaining though the state budget supported 70 percent.
To tackle the matter, the Ministry has added the charity house program in the top of welfare brackets.
In addition, the Ministry is determined to finish building houses for those who were serving in the country’s revolution as well as resolve the difficulties along the way to carry out the key programs such as building charity houses in disadvantaged countryside, in flood-hit areas, in the north central region, coastal central provinces, in the Mekong delta and social houses for low-income people in urbans and for workers in industrial parks.


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