$17.6 million spent on upgrading roads in 2018

At a meeting to review what it had done in 2017 held by the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam yesterday, participants said that nearly VND400 billion ($17.6 million) was spent to remedy 418 accident blackspots in highways.

$17.6 million spent on upgrading roads in 2018

However, because of increase in vehicles, there have been 780 additional black spots in highways in 2017.
In addition to blackspots, 7,600 km highways are in poor repairs yet they have been fixed due to lack of funding. Moreover, over 1,000 outdated and structurally deficient bridges are in need of repair or replacement.
At the meeting, Transport Minister Nguyen Van The said that the country is seriously short of fund for maintaining roads resulting in deteriorated road; therefore, it bears implicit risk of accidents.
At first in 2018, the road maintenance fund will pay VND400 billion to handle most serious blackspots and small other blackspots for drivers’ safety.
But in long-term goal, the Ministry of Transport will report to the Politburo and the Party Secretary the demand of road maintenance within five to ten year next to adopt comprehensive measures for the country’s whole transport system.


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