Vietnamese dong-printed red packet banned in Vietnam

According to a leader of the State Bank of Vietnam, printing Vietnamese dong bill on lucky money red envelopes without approval of the bank is banned.

Vietnamese dong-printed red packet banned in Vietnam

Moreover, folding Vietnamese dong bill into trees to sell is considered as breaking the regulation as per the Prime Minister’s decision No. 130/2003 on protecting Vietnamese currency.
A lucky money red envelope is monetary gift given on some important occasions or festivals in China and some other Asian countries especially in the lunar New Year.
Lately, the Issue and Vault Department and Banking Operations Directorate under the State Bank of Vietnam has sent its document to the Economic Security Department under the Ministry of Public Security, the Market Management Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Issuance, Printing and Publishing under the Ministry of Information and Communications asking to jointly handle violators of the monetary regulations.
Specifically, those who make fake money, sell and transport will violate the decision No. 130/2003. Moreover, those destroy the country’s money or photocopy of the money without the approval of the State Bank of Vietnam or refuse to receive the money all break the regulations.
According to the edict No. 96/2014, VND40 million (1,726 ) to VND80 million ($3,450) will be imposed on those who photocopy, print partly patterns of the Vietnam dong.
Lucky money red envelopes have retailed at VND20,000 a packet of five envelops. Worse, Vietnam dong – printed envelops have appeared a lot in the market.

By CHE HAN - Translated by NHA CA

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