Market managers seize unclear cosmetic products, apparel

The market managing staff of station No.29 yesterday detected a warehouse of fake cosmetic products and apparel of Dior, Gucci, and Versace in Pham Van Chi Street in district 6.

Market managers seize unclear cosmetic products, apparel

On the same day, the market staff of station No.27 seized 40 batches of commodities including clothes, cell phone without clear origin.
The batches were detected in carriage G232050 of train SE9 in Saigon railway station at 1 Nguyen Thong Street in district 3. Market staff and traffic policemen found out that nobody received the batches in the train SE9.
Pham Hoang Nhan, representative of Quang Anh Railway Transportation and Service Company who shipped the batches was summoned to work with the market managers because the batches had no invoice. Nhan said he would contact with the consignee who will show the invoice later.
Accordingly, the market managers confiscated all batches as per regulation.

By THI HONG - Translated by HAI SON

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