Food manufacturer fined for using banned substance

Inter-department inspectors in the central province of Ha Tinh yesterday issued the fine of VND40 million ($1,723 ) to the owner of a local food business that had used banned substance in making food.

Food manufacturer fined for using banned substance

Additionally, inspectors required the owner to destroy all borax and food mixed with borax, a banned substance in making food in Vietnam.
Test results showed 10kg of ox pie and 10 kg of pork pie are positive for borax. Moreover, the working environment in its base failed to meet the requirement when workers put raw with cooked food.
The Inspectors ordered the business owner to destroy all food with borax as well as close the door for one month.
The Ministry of Health has listed borax as banned substance as a food additive in cooking; however, because of wanting to earn much profit, many people use the substance in making pie while it harms consumers’ health a lot.

By DUONG QUANG - Translated by ANH QUAN

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