Ho Chi Minh City

Travel promotion fair aims to boost Vietnam-India tourism

A travel promotion fair was held yesterday in Ho Chi Minh City to boost Vietnam-India tourist, comprising of a promotional mix of activities.

Travel promotion fair aims to boost Vietnam-India tourism

India is a potential market for Ho Chi Minh City particularly and Vietnam generally
A report of the city’s Department of Tourist said that the city welcomed around 57,000 Indian travelers in 2017, up by 10 percent compared to 2016, listing India in the top of 15 nations with most visitors to the city.
India was in the top 15 largest foreign markets of the city with 57,000 visitors travelling the city in 2017,
According to India Tourist Agency, around 85,000 Indian holiday-makers arrived in Vietnam last year. The quantity of tourists is not satisfactory; accordingly, India will beef up promotion in Vietnam in order to connect travel companies and aviation agents to promote India tourism in Vietnam.

By THI HONG – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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