Ho Chi Minh City

Trade members contribute VND2.4 billion for charity activities

In its meeting to review last year’s movement and mission in 2017, trade union in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday announced that state-run employees had contributed one-day's salary worth a total of VND2.4 billion ($105,695) to its funds.

Trade members contribute VND2.4 billion for charity activities

With last year’s movement themed “Enhance sense of responsibility for serving people and standards of morality” and “Year for the union members’ benefits”, the trade union carried out well its tasks to take care of and protect employees’ legitimate rights.
Especially, the union mobilized VND2.4 billion ($105,695) from workers for the funds to help poor members and provide scholarships to low-income members’ children who study well.
The trade union also took care of Heroic Vietnamese Mothers, seriously wounded soldiers and built charity houses for social welfare beneficiaries.
In coming Tet holidays (the Lunar New Year) 2017, the trade union is also running programs to take care of workers by gifting 1,138 workers worth VND892 million.
Additionally, in 2017, trade unions in companies contributed VND2.3 billion to support residents in flood-hit districts.
In the year, the trade union introduced 1,545 members to become Party members and 324 of them were received into the Communist Party of Vietnam.
On the occasion, the trade union was awarded third-rank Labor Medal by the President. The Labor Union in HCMC also presented certificates of merits and honoring flags to 71 teams and 39 good members, meanwhile the trade union gave certificates of merits to 60 teams and 109 individuals who actively contributed to movements.


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