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Tan Binh district removes 110 illegal construction works

The People’s Committee of Tan Binh district in HCMC has applied coercive site clearance to about 110 illegal construction works and land encroachment in a 4.8 hectares land plot, called vegetable garden, in Ward 6.

Tan Binh district removes 110 illegal construction works

In the afternoon on January 9, Sai Gon Giai Phong reporters recorded that most of the construction works had been dismantled, seeing lot of galvanised corrugated sheets very new.

A leader of Tan Binh said that the district authorities have implemented two times of deconstruction on January 4 and January 8 to 110 works that were built without license in the area planned for schools and park.

Of the dismantled ones, some were built before 2015 and as many as 42 were built in 2018. A number of works have been traded and transferred with unnotarized and unlawful papers.

The People’s Committee of Tan Binh district said that construction violation in the vegetable garden has complicatedly taken place for many years. The site clearance process has been implemented in the right order and procedure and all relevant decisions have been posted at the violating works.

After giving households site clearance decisions, they have carried their belongings out on their self-awareness.  The district has assisted residents by transporting their belongings, giving those in need VND3 million a month to pay rent and providing each household VND2 million in financial aid. The district will give them more assistance in the upcoming time.

During the site clearance process, authorized agencies took some extremists to the district’s Police Department headquarters to work and let them out on the same day.

In response to reporters’ queries about management irresponsibility resulting in the illegal construction works, the representative said that the district had considered responsibilities of relevant individuals and teams.

The representative also explained difficulties. For instance, residents transported building materials by motorbikes and built their works at nights. In addition, they had not cooperated with authorized agencies in handling violations.

“The coercive dismantlement of the violating works aims at ensuring the strictness of the law and preventing plan breaking. The district has cleared unlicensed works, not coercively reclaimed land as per rumors spreading on social networks,” the representative said.

The vegetable garden has 110 illegal construction works for rent and catering business. The total area of unlicensed construction works and vegetable planting approximates 4.8 hectares.

Authorized agencies affirmed that they have reviewed and determined that 4.8 hectares of the vegetable garden are public land encroached by residents. After site clearance, the district has required relevant sides to ensure urban hygiene and good looking and let residents continue managing the land.

Construction in the area will comprise a nursery school, primary and secondary schools and a 10,000 square meters park. They are all public works. So there has been no land reclamation for trade as per public discussion, stressed the representative of Tan Binh district People’s Committee.

Currently, relevant agencies are building the financial plan in preparation for investment and construction of the school complex.

The district People’s Committee has worked with agencies to submit to the city People’s Committee assistance and supporting policies to residents after clearance of the vegetable garden.

All relevant information will be publicly posted at Ward 6 People’s Committee and quarters’ headquarters for residents to give opinions before being officially approved.

 “We hope that residents in and surrounding the vegetable garden will work with local authorities to survey and enumerate area as well as give opinions about assistance measure to each case. Basing on residents’ will, the district authorities will submit suitable measures to the authorized agencies for approval”, said the representative.

By staff writers – Translated by Hai Anh

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