Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC to inspect 542 petrol establishments

Ho Chi Minh City authorities assigned the Department of Industry and Trade along with other departments including justice, natural resources and environment, construction, planning and architecture, transport, finance, police forces and people’s committee to pay visits to petrol establishments.

HCMC to inspect 542 petrol establishments

Accoringly, the above-mentioned agencies will pay visits to 542 petrol establishments to classify them and report to the Committee.  
Beforehand, the Department of Industry and Trade has petitioned to People’s Committee to report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and related agencies about business license tenure for these establishments for energy security and enough supply for consumers in HCMC.
While awaiting the agencies’ opinion, the city Department of Industry and Trade asked for the municipal People’s Committee’s approval that the Department and other related agencies will  issue business licenses to 323 operating petrol establishments until the government has had new decree on it.
Statistically, of 542 operating petrol retailers  in HCMC, 219 facilities meeting present standards have been issued license for 5 year tenure accounting for 40.2 percent.
Some 323 petrol facilities operating before 2007 have been upgraded to satisfy the People’s Committee’s regulation and they have been issued the license with tenure of one year accounting for 59.5 percent.
According to the Department of Industry and Trade, it is impossible to eliminate all facilities operated before March, 2007 as per the People’s Committee’s decree No.39/2007 because of no more land for constructing a new one and other hiccups along the way including infrastructure.
Moreover, the clearance of a large number of petrol facilities simultaneously will result in imbalance of supply and demand greatly impacting on businesses.

By PHAN LE - Translated by DAN THUY

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