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HCMC adopts BusMap for controlling traffic

With effort to improve public transportation, the Department of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City has adopted hi-tech to control traffic and help people.

 HCMC adopts BusMap for controlling traffic

Of hi-tech, BusMap is one which can provide passengers the best ways and detailed instructions for them to go by bus from one location to another location in the city.
The application BusMap is available on Android, Windows Phone and iOS. The smart real-time bus tracking is to view the real-time bus' waiting time at each station, update data updating, offline map,offline search, bus report,...
The BusMap is also designed to support foreign travelers in using the bus system in Ho Chi Minh City
The Department of Transport in coordination with the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City has spent VND12 billion ($528,435) on the smart traffic control system in the Management Center of Saigon River Tunnel as a part of the pilot project which is hoped to help mitigating traffic gridlock and controlling traffic effectively in the section Ky Con - Vo Van Kiet to Hai Thuong Lan Ong in Vo Van Kiet boulevard.
According to the project, 35 new cameras will be installed combining with available cameras to collect statistically images of vehicles in the boulevard. The data will be analyzed by the management center to set up traffic light time. Moreover, police officers will issue fine to violators through images.
Positive result of the pilot program is the basis for the city authorities’ decision to invest VND249.9 billion on the construction project to improve traffic controlling system. The new system will integrate supervision system and controlling system in 200 traffic lights in 78 key streets and intersections in the city.
The project will pave the way for the establishment of smart traffic controlling center. As per the road map, massive sensors will be installed in roads to collect data of traffic flows, flooding, and infrastructure incidents. Information will then be analyzed and it is provided to drivers who will decided which way to go.
Director of Transport Department Bui Xuan Cuong said that after the first phase scheduled in the end of 2018, the Department will continue the second phase aiming to accelerate the establishment of the smart traffic controlling center citywide.
At that time, camera system will count vehicles and traffic flows and the controlling system of traffic lights will cover 3,800 streets with the length of 3,600 kilometer and 1,400 intersections.
Center staffs can handle incidents such as fire, explosion and flooding , urban order in time. As per the estimation, the center costs VND6 trillion.

By QUOC HUNG - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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