Vietnam stops circulation of Human Albumin due to suspect of mad cow

The Ministry of Health ordered all medical clinics nationwide and pharmaceutical companies to stop selling and using biological batch Human Albumin 20% because of suspect of mad cow.

Vietnam stops circulation of Human Albumin due to suspect of mad cow

The Vietnam Drug Administration under the Ministry said as per Binh Viet Duc Company’s report, three batches Human Albumin 20% No. 29610616, 29700916, 29590616 imported and distributed by the Central Pharmaceutical Company CPC1 may be infected with Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, a universally fatal brain disorder.
To protect customers, while waiting for test results carried out, the Administration and the National Institute of Nutrition and Pharmaceutical in Hungary will work together to assess the safety of the product.
Medical clinics in the country were asked to keep an eye on hospitalized cases after taking the product and treat them as well as send reports to the National Center on Drug Information and Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring.
The National Pharmaceutical Company Codupha, Binh Viet Duc Company and the Central Pharmaceutical Company CPC1 were requested to stop import and distribution of the product temporarily and preserve them as per instruction on the label.
Additionally, they has to report the number of the product in stock to the Drug Administration before September 20.
Binh Viet Duc Company was assigned to update and report the the circulation of the product in its own country and how authority of the country treat the product.
Before, the European Union’s Commerce and Economic Department in Vietnam had sent its announcement attached with warning of the product made by Kedrion SpA and Human BioPlazma Kftto drug watchdog in Italy, and the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition in Hungary for fear of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease.

By TRAN VU - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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