Vietnam performs liver transplant from living donor

The Medicine University Hospital on Tuesday announced its first successful liver transplant from living donor after a long preparation and with the support of medical experts from South Korean ASAN hospital.

Vietnam performs liver transplant from living donor

The recipient is 50 year old man suffering hepatitis B, cirrhosis and liver cancer. He had been treated with chemicals for years; however, it is a temporary solution. Doctors said he could live merely six months or one year more without liver transplant.
Dr. Tran Cong Duy Long consulted a liver transplant to save the man; however, it is not easy to find out a proper liver for him. Luckily, through testing, his wife , born in 1985, is suitable to donate her liver to him.
The hospital greeted a 11 surgeon team of Korean ASAN hospital who assisted the operation with Vietnamese counterparts last month.
After eight hours with the participation of 50 medical workers, the operation was successful.
The wife was discharged one week later while her husband was under intensive care. The husband came back to life one month after the surgery.
Dr. Long said the man must frequently return the hospital for medical examination within one year.

By THANH AN - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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