Red Cross Society in district 8 installs medicine cabinets

Over 40 visible medicine cabinets for first-aid are installed along Pham The Hien Street in Ho Chi Minh City's Dsitrict 8. They are used for treating those who have traffic accidents.

Red Cross Society in district 8 installs medicine cabinets

This is an idea of the district Red Cross Society . More than 40 free medicine cabinets for first -aid are installed to help traffic accident victims. Each cabinet contains wads of cotton wool, surgical alcohol and other tools for stopping bleeding.
On each of them, telephone of the Red Cross Society headquarter are visible so that residents can contact when they need aid.
Guard of the residential block No.3 in district 8 ward 6 Ho Ngoc Vui said that the medicine cabinets are very useful because once there was an accident here and locals could provide first-aid to the victim.
Chairman of the Red Corss Society Nguyen Quoc Minh said that the first-aid cabinet is initiated from the movement named " The city has high standard of living and loving" with many practical deeds, the society installed these cabinets to contribute to the movement.
Crowded street Pham The Hien has seen traffic accidents frequently; therefore, the society placed medicine cabinets first there and then it will install in other streets in the district. These cabinets are provided by patrons and pharmacies.
In addition to installing these cabinets, the society also delivered basic knowledge of first-aid to locals and shop assistants to help victims. Guards of residential blocks are assigned to protect the cabinets and supply essential items into the cabinets.

By THANH SON - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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