Over 19,300 people consent to donate organs

Thousands of people have registered to donate their organs in 2018 after a little girl agreed to give her cornea after death.


Over 19,300 people consent to donate organs

That was revealed at a meeting held yesterday by the National Coordination Center for Organ Transplantation to mark its fifth establishment anniversary.
At the meeting, Deputy Health Minister Professor Nguyen Viet Tien highly lauded the center’s achievement in coordinating organ pointing out that to get more success, it needs related agencies and organizations, unions’ participation.
He also called for people’s contribution as organ donation is a humanitarian deed to save people with fatal illness.
In 2013, the center was established when the country’s organ transplantation gained impressive accomplishment. However, few people agreed to donate their organ at the time.
After one year operation, the center has encouraged over 200 people to give their organ after brain death.
In 2017, more people consented to donate their organ after reading stories of dead donors. In the year, total 12,000 people signed agreement to donate their organs. Now, after five-year operation, more than 19,300 people across the country allow an organ of theirs to be removed legally after death.
The center has performed many transplants successfully. So far, medical workers have carried out 3,378 transplants including 3,223 kidney , 125 liver , 26 heart and corneal transplants to save the lives of many people with fatal ailments.


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