Ministry urges to increase medical insurance coverage rate

In an effort to raise the rate of medical insurance coverage amongst students, the Ministry of Health sent its document asking schools to increase information of insurance policies and important roles of healthcare insurance to students and their parents.

Ministry urges to increase medical insurance coverage rate

By the Vietnam Social Insurance Company’s statistic, the rate of students buying healthcare insurance drastically leaped from 85 percent in the school year 2013 - 2014 to 92 percent in 2016 - 2017.
However, it seems this rate has been not much because they don’t fully understand the benefit of participating healthcare insurance and authorities have carried out supervision of insurance implementation unregularly.
The Ministry ordered to work with local social insurance units to encourage students and parents to buy healthcare insurance as per the law.
Additionally, local people’s committees should consult the amount for buying healthcare insurance and provide support to students from low-income in accordance with the present regulation.
Most of all, the Ministry urged to increase supervision of medical insurance implementation in schools. Once discovering wrongdoings, inspectors will issue penalties on violators.


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