Mekong delta provinces make concerted efforts to combat African Swine Fever

Provinces in the Mekong delta have adopted various measures against African Swine Fever (ASF) these days because of complicated development of the disease.

Mekong delta provinces make concerted efforts to combat African Swine Fever

Being one of provinces with largest hog herd in the Mekong delta, Tien Giang authorities have got their teeth into battling the disease. The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development yesterday said that People’s Committee in Tien Giang has issued urgent dispatch on implementation of measures against ASF.
According to the dispatch, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, related agencies and local administrations were asked to prepare disinfectants for the Disinfection month in the province to prevent disease entry and spread.
Moreover, these agencies ought to increase information of the possibility of the disease and instruct inhabitants how to prevent the disease on animals as well as tighten control over transportation, slaughter and trading of animal products in the jurisdiction to guarantee provision of safe food to residents.
Quarantine stations have been set up in in the highway and paths bordering with neighboring provinces.
District people committees requested to enhance supervision to family farms for early discovery to handle cases of ASF-infected animals.
Harsh penalties will be imposed on breeders who didn’t report the disease or sell of their animal as well as violators who slaughter, sell and transport unchecked animals.
Meanwhile, the Agriculture and Rural Development in Kien Giang said 340,000 hogs are being raised in the province plus around 5,000 pigs are bought from other places into the province. Kien Giang Province has long border line and islands; therefore, authorities are alert to ASF prevention.
It has set up five mobile quarantine teams and two quick response teams to keep an eye on epidemic prevention in districts. Besides, forces are dispatched to work relentlessly in quarantine station, border crossings and spray disinfectants on vehicles.
An Giang authorities followed suit.

By NGOC DAN – Translated by ANH QUAN

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