Increase in hospitalizations of burned kids

There has been an increase in the number of burned children in hospitals even deaths because of serious burns, the Ho Chi Minh City-based Children Hospital No.1 announced.


Increase in hospitalizations of burned kids

Within last week, the hospital admitted 20 kids with serious burns because of adults’ carelessness. Some of them were not receiving right first aids leading to worse infection.
For instance a 15-month-old infant hailing from the Mekong delta province of Long An hospitalized in January 17 suffered third degree burns in the area of 7 percent of the body.
His relative said when the kid’s mother was preparing to a hot bath container, she was placing the hot kettle in the water container nearby and then the baby was touching the hot kettle in the feet.
Similarly, one year old infant from the central province of Binh Dinh was suffering the third degree burn in the area of 23 percent of the body. The infant was kept in intensive care unit.
A ten-year-old girl was treated in the intensive care unit with the third degree burn in 80 percent of the body because of gas explosion. Doctors said her condition was very critical with forecast of death.
Dr. Diep Que Trinh of the hospital’s Burn Ward said that in these days near the Lunar New Year, the number of burned kids slightly surges by 10 percent. They mostly fell into hot water pots.
The most tragic case of an ethnic minority boy who gathered scraps to build a fire; abruptly, a gas explosion occurred burnt him severely. He was rushed to the hospital on January 15.
However, because of his critical condition, he succumbed to the serious burn in the next day despite of medical workers’ efforts to save, said Dr. Diep Que Trinh.
Dr. Trinh added most burned cases occurred in kids below six years old who are very active and boys suffered burned injuries more than their female peers following adults’ carelessness.
Most of burned children receive first aid before taking to hospitals; however, some of them turned serious because of wrong first aid.

By THANH SON - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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