Hospitals asked to prepare enough medicine in Tet holidays

The Drug Administration of Vietnam has sent its document to departments of health, hospitals, importers asking to prepare enough medicine to meet examination and treatment demand in approaching Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year)

Hospitals asked to prepare enough medicine in Tet holidays

As per the document, the administration wanted local departments of health to urge infirmaries and preventive medicine centers to keep medicines for emergency mission and preventing illness especially flu A, hand-foot-mouth, dengue, measles, Rubella, diarrhea caused by virus Rota, and respiratory diseases.
Hospitals, drug companies have to stock medicine and enhance control to avoid skyrocketing prices of medications in the holidays.
Health inspectors in localities must liaise with relevant agencies to discover fake medicines or low-quality medicines or drugs sold in internet. Responsible agencies should direct pharmacies to sell drugs around the clock to satisfy people’s demand.
Relevant agencies have to implement measures to curb speculation in the special festival.


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