Hipper Lona Enro banned in Vietnam

In its document to its sub-departments across the country, the Department of Animal Health asked to recall Hipper Lona Enro-S20%, a veterinary pharmaceutical product, said a leader of the department of animal health in the central province of Ha Tinh yesterday.

Hipper Lona Enro banned in Vietnam

Before, in December 27, 2017, Ha Tinh environment police unit in coordination with the local department of animal health and local police officer raided a shop to sell food for fish at Xom Moi village in Thach Binh Commune owned by Tran Thi Hong who is working for the local Department of Fishery.
Police officers detected 207 phials of veterinary pharmaceutical product Hipper Lona Enro-S20% which contain banned antibiotic Enrofloxacin.
Right after, the Ha Tinh Department of Animal Health sent its document to its higher department asking for the penalties.
In reply, the Department sent its document back saying that Hipper Lona Enro-S20% has not been allowed to circulate in Vietnam. 
Moreover, the Department asked its sub-department in Ha Tinh to remove the product out of shop shelves. Plus, the local department of animal health must warn breeders not to use banned products.


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