Health Ministry urges to prevent winter-spring disease

The Ministry of Health yesterday sent its urgent dispatch to municipal and provincial people's committees nationwide, urging measures against winter -spring disease.

Health Ministry urges to prevent winter-spring disease

Leaders of cities and provinces are urged to adopt measures against seasonal diseases especially focus disease prevention in distant and disadvantaged districts, in areas where most ethnic indigenous people live, in regions which outbreaks of disease have been reported and their vaccination rate hass been low for years.
Importantly, drastic measures should be adopted to fight against dangerous diseases such as avian influenza A(H7N9), A(H5N1) and respiratory illnesses.
For these ailments such as measles, rubella, whooping cough, leaders in cities and provinces must be quick to implement vaccination and re-check the number of people who had been immunized or not.
In addition to checking, local authorities must organize vaccination for those who had not been injected vaccine to ensure the immnization rate of 95 percent in a ward.
The Ministry also said through supervision, the dengue cases dropped in eight past weeks nationwide. Moreover, no death was reported in the country in these weeks. Some 33,990 dengue patients were discharged from hospitals while over 780 people have still stayed in hospitals.
Health sector has still been keeping an eye on the disease as well as implement synchronous measures against the disease.
However, people should not neglect preventive measures for dengue because the disease usually spread to November.
When it comes to hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD), the Department of Preventive Medicine warned in the seasonal transaction, the number of kids with HFMD is rising; moreover, it can become outbreak without active preventative measures.
Since the beginning of the year, over 54,000 cases of HFM had been recorded without no fatality.
Yet parents should not be neglected because it is acute virus infection which kids usually get it; accordingly, it may become big outbreaks if personal hygiene is not kept.

By QUOC LAP - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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