Health Ministry frets increase in number of HIV-infected people

The Health Ministry specially concerned about an increase in the number of people infected with HIV in the community, said Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that the At a conference to review HIV/AIDS prevention mission in first six months yesterday.

Health Ministry frets increase in number of HIV-infected people

The HIV incident in Kim Thuong Commune in the northern province of Phu Tho is an example of iceberg of HIV transmission amongst people especially groups of drug addicts, said Mr. Long.
Accordingly, the Ministry requested local authorities to check and assess the HIV prevention mission in localities. The Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control and local governments should re-consider and prioritize early HIV tests, early ARV treatment as well as distribute needles, condoms, provide Methadone treatment and increase information of the disease to change people’s acts.
Head of the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long, said first six months of the year saw more 3,500 fresh cases of HIV infections, just a year-on-year decrease of 3 percent.
However, many people have not been detected to have the disease like the case of HIV incident in Kim Thuong Commune that descended into panic as several people needed to take HIV tests, after a middle-aged female tested positive for the virus.
The Ministry of Health has asked the northern province of Phu Tho to conduct HIV/AIDS tests free of charge for local people in Kim Thượng Commune and those living in surrounding areas. The move comes after an outbreak of HIV in Kim Thượng Commune, where 42 residents, including a 18-month-old baby girl, were found to be infected last month.
He warned escalating infections amongst drug addicts, homosexuals and sex workers. Moreover, rise in drug addicts along with unsafe sex might lead to a transmission amongst Vietnamese young people.
At present, prevention mission includes distributing needles, condom and Methadone treatment while 130,000 people living with HIV are receiving ARV treatment and free tests are carried out in many localities.
Authorities continue issuing health insurance cards to HIV-infected people as per the Prime Minister’s direction with 85 percent of people living with HIV having the cards.


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