French doctors given certificates of merit for healthcare contribution

The General Hospital in the central province of Ha Tinh yesterday gave certificates of merit to four French doctors working in the Côtes - d'Armor Vietnam Association for their contribution in healthcare mission.

Dr. Alain Delbary at the ceremony (Photo: SGGP)

Dr. Alain Delbary at the ceremony (Photo: SGGP)

On behalf of Health Minister and the director of the Department of Health, the hospital held a ceremony to present the certificates of merit signed by Vietnamese Health Minister to four medical workers from the Côtes - d'Armor Vietnam Association for their great contribution in the task of healthcare.
Dr. Alain Delbary, Dr. Daniel Derval, Dr. Eric Wohlschies, and Dr. Diep Mong Hung made trips to Vietnam to work at the hospital especially Dr. Daniel Derval who had made five trips to Vietnam to help caring local people.
The hospital said that the hospital has benefitted from the cooperation between the hospital and the association in improving technique and treatment quality.
Additionally, the association has provided many medical equipments to the hospital and sent its skilled doctors to transfer techniques to their Vietnamese peers; accordingly, thousands of locals can access to advanced technique and good medicine.


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