Food Safety Agency warns against two candies containing Tadalafil

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) yesterday informed Vietnam’s Agency of Food Safety that two candy brands named “Hickel” and “Solomon Island – Soloco Traditional Candy” had been found to contain 30 times higher than the usual prescribed dosage of Tadalafil substance.

Food Safety Agency warns against two candies containing Tadalafil

The HSA advised consumers not to purchase or consume the two products which have been advertised online on various local e-commerce websites and social media platforms including Facebook because consuming high level of Tadalafil is dangerous and could increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, vision and hearing loss.
The two products were advertised to be “100 percent natural” that would have “no side effects” after consumption.
Though the products contain a substance treating erectile dysfunction, they were advertised as candy with exaggerated claims to improve cardiovascular, kidney function, diabetic condition, vitality, immunity and fertility.
To protect consumers’ health, the Agency of Food Safety conducted check finding that the two products have not been imported in Vietnam.
The agency also issued documents to customs, food safety departments and 63 branches of food safety nationwide requesting to strictly monitor the sales of both products.
The agency advised consumers to take both products but inform the authorities if they discover any individual or organization that sell these products.

By NGUYEN QUOC - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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