Expert from Ministry affirms no halt of vaccine ComBe Five

Head of the National Institution of Hygiene and Epidemiology Professor Dang Duc Anh yesterday affirmed that administration of vaccine ComBe Five would continue as per schedule countryside.

Expert from Ministry affirms no halt of vaccine ComBe Five

The head made the statement at a press brief on immunization reaction after a shot of vaccine ComBe Five since there have been reports of hospitalization of kids somewhere.
Professor Dang Duc Anh said vaccine ComBe Five, an India-produced vaccine, was included in the National Expanded Immunization Program from November 2018 to replace the Korean-made "five in one" Quinvaxem in preventing five common, potentially fatal diseases—diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza type B — in infants.
Till January 6, vaccine ComBe Five has been administered on 101,862 infants in 19 provinces across the country.
Localities reported rates of normal adverse vaccine reactions like mild fever, pain, redness, tenderness, or swelling at injection site, uneasiness is 1.73 percent while the rate of prolonged high fever and crying is 0.05 percent. Yet all are in stable condition after treatment.
Following the information of discontinuance of the vaccine, Professor Anh affirmed the new was misleading because it has been approved by the World Health Organization and has been used in more than 43 countries, with over 400 million doses administered to date.
Upon the deaths of two infants in the northern province of Nam Dinh after vaccination, Professor Anh said that the two experienced vaccine reaction after 36 hours. The scientific council arrived at the conclusion that the deaths were not caused by the vaccine yet its causes was not clear.
Professor Anh noted parents must keep their children to stay at medical clinics in 30 minutes after vaccinatiion. Parents must take their kids to nearby medical institutions immediately if babies have abnormal symptoms like high fever over 39 Celsius degree, convulsion fits, bouts of non-stop crying, pale look, irritability.
The Institute has provided the vaccine to 63 cities and provinces along with guidance of immunization guidance in which focus on safety vaccination procedure especially examination and consultation before and after injection.
All kids will get the vaccine shot in the end of January.

By QUOC LAP – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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