Doctors reattach woman's scalp after horrific industrial accident

Doctors of Viet – Duc ( Vietnam – German) Hospital in Hanoi successfully reattached a woman's scalp after it was ripped off during a horrific industrial accident yesterday.

Doctors reattach woman's scalp after horrific industrial accident

A factory worker, 29, hailing from the northern province of Hung Yen was rushed to the infirmary in a critical condition when she was scalped after ponytail gets caught in machine.
Soon, doctors provided intensive care to her and examined carefully. Through meeting, doctors concluded an early surgery must be performed to save the peeled off skin which will help to cover her skull left exposed to the air. The most challenging part was reconnecting the broken vessels as head skin is rich of vessels, and each vessel is very tiny and had to be reattached under microscopes.
After eight hour operation, surgeons successfully reattached the woman's scalp and reconnected all of her blood vessels.
Presently, the female worker is recovering but she is still under intensive care.
Doctors warned that female workers in industrial parks should wear protective clothes and they must be instructed the risk of accident. Once an accident happens, all cut-off parts should be kept carefully in right way and taken to medical clinics for transplants later.


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