Doctors perform C-section to save pregnant with liver tumor

The Maternity Hospital in the northern province of Quang Ninh said that its surgeons had succeeded in perform C-section on a pregnant with liver tumor

Doctors perform C-section to save pregnant with liver tumor

A 31 year old pregnant in Dong Trieu District was rushed to the hospital when she suffered belly pain in the right side of the body without clear reason.
After conducting tests and scans, doctors diagnosed her to have 32 weeks pregnancy and lack of blood. Worse, she have tumor in liver.
The pregnant was treated to improve her health condition as well as under go blood transfusion. The pregnant April 26 had sign of delivery; accordingly, doctors decided to perform C-section. While obstetricians carried out C-section, surgeons checked the woman’s stomach and other organs.
Her baby boy weighing 2.3kg was transferred to intensive care unit. Doctors realized the woman’s liver was bigger than normal and its color changed, they discovered a tumor in the liver; accordingly, they performed an operation to remove 2cm in the liver’s surface for testing.
At present, the baby is in good condition and he will be discharged in the next few days while his mother is quite good. Hospital director Nguyen Quoc Hung said the close cooperation between surgeons saved the pregnant and her baby.

By QUOC LAP - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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