Doctors perform C-section on mother in coma due to cancer

Surgeons of Gia Dinh People’s Hospital yesterday carried out a Cesarean section on a pregnant woman who was in coma due to metastasis of brain cancer.

Doctors perform C-section on mother in coma due to cancer

The 32 year old pregnant woman from the highlands province of Kon Tum was hospitalized in Tumor Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City after she was in coma.
According to her relatives, she was undergoing an operation to remove a bubo in the right groin.
As she is 36 week pregnant, doctors decided to transfer her to Gia Dinh People’s Hospital which will carry out C-section to end the pregnancy.
The Surgery Department and Maternity Department held a consultation meeting to reach a suitable treatment.
Brain MRI scan showed it bled in the right brain due to cancer has spread to brain.
Subsequently, the two departments decided to carry out two surgeries; after maternity team succeeded in C-section, the surgery team are ready for an operation to open the brain to remove the blood clot and tumor.
The baby girl with the weight of 2.3 kg was born safe and sound after the operation.
Deputy head of the Surgery Department Dr. Tran Hoang Ngoc caried out the operation in patient’s brain to remove blood clot and the tumor for testing. After the operation, the woman’s eye pupil got smaller.
After receiving intensive care, the woman recovered; her pulse and blood pressure are stable. Her baby will be discharged several days later.

By THANH AN – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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