Da Nang implements online appointment scheduling with doctors

People’s Committee in the Central City of Da Nang assigned the departments of Health, Home Affairs and Information and Communications to implement online appointment booking with doctors in hospitals and medical clinics in districts, communes.

Da Nang implements online appointment scheduling with doctors

To book online appointment with doctors, residents in Da Nang City can access to online service via the website, then store all information of name, date of birth of patients, cellphone number, email, health insurance. The system will give feedbacks and send SMS message to patient’s mobile phone.
The system automatically is pre-installed the number of patients a day to ensure not many people make online appointment booking with doctors in a day causing anger for those directly visit the medical facility at the same time. For instance, the maximum of people who book online appointment in a day is 20.
People can call phone number 0236.1022 to book an appointment. 
When visiting medical facilities, people should show the appointment confirmation sent via email or handphone. 
According to People’s Committee, the procedure was submitted for the departments of Health and Home Affairs’ opinion in early February, 2018. The Department of Home Affairs will appraise the project in 15 days, and then the system will be operated.
Before, Da Nang City applied appointment booking service for vaccination from November 1, 2017 assisting people to save time.
With synchronous application in medical sector, the city will go near to smart health model contributing to push up it into smart city soon.


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