Coma woman gives birth to daughter

A 3.2 kilogram baby girl was born while her mother was still in coma for three months, said doctors of Thanh Nhan Hospital in Hanoi said.

Coma woman gives birth to daughter

A car crash victim who was in a coma virtually her entire pregnancy has given birth to a healthy daughter.
Doctors have helped the comatose woman to be able to carry a baby to the week of 38. The miracle is that after the C-section, the mother has reactions when she was pinched; accordingly, doctors said she will soon recover in next days.
Currently, she has not been put on ventilators yet she is still under observation in the emergency room.
Before, the mother was five months pregnant when she got into a serious car crash on the way returning home from work on May 9. Immediately, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency.
She was at risk of death as she was suffering brain injury and the pupils of her eyes dilated
Surgeons decided to perform an operation; however, she was still in coma and put on ventilator after the operation. Her baby was in stable condition.
Medical workers check the development of baby daily to the week of 38.
Happily, the baby girl’s health condition is normal though her mother underwent an operation and took different drugs and even sometimes she lacked oxygen to her brain.


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