Cases of alcohol poisoning in HCMC rise during Tet holidays

The Department of Health in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday said that hospitals in the city admitted 33 patients due to alcohol poisoning in Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year).

Cases of alcohol poisoning in HCMC rise during Tet holidays

In nine Tet holidays, medical workers of infirmaries provided treatment to 91,215 people including 27,086 emergency cases because of accidents.
Specifically, of 27,086 emergency cases, 2,417 cases were traffic accidents followed by daily accidents with 2,374 cases and 22 injured from firecrackers.
Worse, scores of hospitalized cases due to alcohol poisoning were recorded with 33 patients. Additionally, the number of people who were rushed to hospitals because of wounds after a fight was 526 ( meanwhile it had been 433 cases last year)
During holidays, hospitals admitted 15,700 patients and surgeons performed 2,272 operations. In first nine days of the lunar new year from the January 3 to January 10 ( or from the 28th day of the twelfth month in the Year of the Dog to the sixth day in the Year of the Pig), 80 people were dead including seven cases of traffic accidents.

By THANH SON - Translated by ANH QUAN

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