Alarming increase in kids with IH due to vitamin K deficiency

The National Children Hospital in Hanoi has admitted three infants under one year old with a diagnosis of Intracranial hemorrhage (IH) due to late onset of vitamin K deficiency.

Alarming increase in kids with IH due to vitamin K deficiency

The infants were in a coma when they were hospitalized.
Deputy head of the Surgery Department Dr. Dang Anh Duong said that after hospitalization, three patients were undergoing tests which showed they have had a reduction of Prothrombin in blood resulting from Vitamin K deficiency.
Three kids were given a transfusion to prevent bleeding in their brain to stabilize respiratory and circulatory function, surgeons performed surgery to remove blood clots.
According to medical experts, 90 percent of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn is characterized intracranial bleeding in infants aged 30-40 days old due to severe vitamin K deficiency.
Once, the mortality rate of newborns suffering intracranial bleeding and the rate of complication are 40-50 percent despite intensive treatment. They may suffer complications of such as haematoma expansion, perihaematomal oedema with increased intracranial pressure, intraventricular extension of haemorrhage with hydrocephalus, seizures, venous thrombotic events, hyperglycaemia, increased blood pressure, fever, and infections.
Therefore, to prevent the disease, doctors warned that infants should be supplemented Vitamin K right after birth orally or by injection. In fact, all newborns are injected one shoot of Vitamin K1 1mg orc Vitamin K3 2mg or vitamin K1 2mg three time orally.


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